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The DiscoveryEdge175 panel

  • Heavy Lys and Arg 13C and 15N labeled protein standards for multiplex absolute MS-quantification of plasma proteins
  • Covers 177 different human proteins
    • Includes Apolipoproteins, Complement proteins, Coagulation factors, Inflammatory markers, Metabolism related proteins, Cancer markers and other biologically relevant protein targets.
    • Protein standards that generate multiple proteotypic peptides for each protein target
  • Delivered in a convenient 96-well plate format, with each well containing vacuum dried standards, ready for addition of your human plasma sample to be analyzed.
  • Shipped at ambient temperature.
  • Plates can be stored in room temperature for up to one month. Long term storage in -20°C.
  • Supplied together with a Skyline file with peptide library

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30% discount until July 19, 2024

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