Absolute Quantification.

Seamless Proteomics.



A panel of 81 different proteins involved in the complement cascade

Unique concept for MS-based quantification

Bringing precision into absolute quantification
for next generation blood profiling

Our Story

ProteomEdge™ is a company from Stockholm, Sweden, started by researchers at the Human Protein Atlas program (www.proteinatlas.org) and the national infrastructure Science for Life Laboratory (www.scilifelab.se).

The company is developing proprietary analysis platforms based on mass spectrometry to offer labeled protein standards for a wide range of protein targets of both clinical and research interest.

Our first product, ApoEdge™, was released November 1, 2023 and is a panel including all 18 different apolipoproteins for analyses of blood plasma. In April 2024 we released our DiscoveryEdge™175, a panel covering 177 interesting human protein targets, including complement factors, inflammatory markers, cancer markers and more. In June 2024, we introduced our ComplemEdge panel including 81 different proteins involved in the complement cascade.

Two more panels are in the pipeline, estimated to be released in during 2024.


Bringing precision into absolute proteome quantification for next generation blood profiling.


Providing an analytical platform for state-of-the-art accuracy for absolute protein quantification using mass spectrometry.  

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